Reorganisation proceedings

Reorganisation is bringing the company out of financial difficulties through continued economic activity, as a result of which the company’s liquidity and sustainable development are recovered. Reorganisation can be conducted both in the court and without court procedures. Reorganisation presumes thorough preparation while weighing both proceedings. Reorganisation without court procedures is conducted via agreements between the investor and creditors.

To initiate reorganisation proceedings, the following need to submitted to the court:

  • application;
  • annual report of the previous period;
  • overview of financial situation;
  • list of debts;
  • reorganisation plan project.

In reorganisation proceedings, the court shall appoint a reorganisation counsellor and give a deadline for submitting the reorganisation plan.

We provide legal assistance in the different stages of reorganisation proceedings, including:

  • legal and economic analysis to ascertain the premises of reorganisation;
  • developing the reorganisation plan project;
  • compiling the reorganisation petition and its annexes for the court;
  • acting as a reorganisation counsellor;
  • representing the company being reorganised or its creditors in the proceedings and in the court;
  • representing a company’s management bodies in the proceedings;
  • representing an investor in the proceedings.